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City Goals 2012-2013
• Complete annexation strategy for HWY 6 corridor.

• Create a proactive economic development strategy to market city and vacant propertys and buildings in the City; ie 52 acre tract on Bennett, Industrial Park, Historic Downtown area, Hwy 6 and 7 corridors.

• Continue to improve city park facilities and support events that encourage Marlin to develop as a destination center viable for retail and historic shopping opportunities. Improve Municipal Park with water Spray Park, provide pavilions at Dingrando and M.L.K. Park, and sidewalk at Falconer. Install water fountains at M.L.K. Park and Tennis Courts.

• Update City ordinances that are outdated with special focus on code enforcement, noise control, animal control including horses, and dilapidated structures, planning/zoning.

• Improve image with signage along city entryways and foster an environment that attracts new business and retains existing business.

• Provide strategy for street repairs and pothole patching along with completion of street reconstruction projects.

• Improve drainage with proper flood control strategies and drainage improvements by maintaining channel ways, bar ditches, and storm drains. Key focus areas include Live Oak at RR crossing, areas between Live Oak and Roosevelt, Stewart, First, Bennett, Commerce to Lincoln and Samuel. Other drainage blockages as identified during peak storm periods.

• Emphasize street cleaning program especially in downtown area, behind stores and engage private trash hauler in city wide cleanup efforts with strategies for brush and bulk debris pickup.

• Remove dilapidated houses, proactively abate high grass / weed violations, enforce code compliance and create a clean and vibrant community through public education efforts to maintain properties in compliance with city codes.

• Clean Thoroughfares and Roadways including overhanging trees in streets and in ditch lines causing drainage blockages.