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Marlin Vision 20/20
1. Live Oak and Downtown will be a vibrant area for local business and the City will be a booming town with specialty/boutique/antique stores in the downtown area.

2. Marlin will be a community with a strong diverse economic base with quality educational institutions at the primary, secondary and college level that support a strong job base for employment.

3. Marlin will be a premier destination city focusing on its historic past including mineral water with healing properties, tourism, and special festival days including Market on Main Street, Marlin Music Festival, and other cultural diverse events that attract people to the community while encouraging civic pride and fellowship.

4. Marlin will be a culturally diverse community that fosters a sense of community pride and togetherness that strives for gender, racial, generational, and socio-economic harmony in the community with a positive attitude and can do spirit.

5. Marlin will have an adequate potable water supply with new and improved community Lakes that foster recreation along with regional parks that will make Marlin an attractive community for outdoor sports, camping and travel destination site.

6. Marlin will be a community with health care facilities, prison industrial facilities, agricultural related facilities, banking centers, and manufacturing/hi-tech business institutions that support civic and community projects.

7. Marlin will be a community that is known for its beautiful historic homes, safe place to raise a family, quality faith based community with churches that have active service ministries and facilities to help others and affordable housing that is within commuting distance to major University facilities of Baylor, Texas A & M and TSTC.

8. Marlin will be known as a Texas designated retirement community that cares for our elderly and youth with a beautiful library, elderly care facilities, youth recreation centers and quality parks.

9. Marlin will be a community that has excellent roadways, great tasting water, with adequate sewer and drainage facilities that will foster community development.

10. Marlin will be a city where our citizens are proud to call home and continue to return to live, work and play as the County Seat of Falls County.