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Animal Related Definitions
These definitions have been complied to ensure that the information in the regulations are clear and understood.

Abuse shall mean to mistreat through intent or neglect any animal in a manner that causes or is likely to cause stress or physical injury.

Animal shall mean any living creature such as livestock, fowl, reptiles, amphibians, wildlife, dogs, cats and other creatures commonly owned and know as pets.

Animal Control Officer or Animal Control Office shall mean the officer or office of the city primarily responsible for the enforcement or regulation regarding animals.

Animal Shelter shall mean a facility designated by the city council to be used for impoundment of animals taken up by the animal control officers.

Authority shall mean the City of Marlin by way of Marlin Police Staff or Animal Control Officer.

Brand shall mean a mark made on the skin of any animal which indicates the ownership of the animal; typically used with livestock.

Cat shall mean the male and the female of any domesticated member of the feline species of animal.

Citation shall mean an official summons to appear in court.

Confinement shall mean the act of restricting or the state of being restricted in movement.

Dangerous shall mean the ability or likely to cause injury.

Day shall mean a workday and shall exclude Saturday, Sunday and City holiday.

Destroy shall mean to put to an end, extinguish, kill or do away with.

Disposition shall mean usual temperament or frame of mind; a natural tendency, inclination or habit in a person, animal or thing.

Distance between structures shall mean where a minimum setback or distance between any enclosure for an animal from a residence is required, shall mean the most direct line distance between the two (2) structures.

Dog shall mean the male and the female of any domesticated member of the canine species of animal.

Dyed shall mean a liquid containing a coloring matter; to color or stain.

Fees shall mean a charged allowed by law for the service of a public officer.

Fighting Paraphernalia shall mean equipment, apparatus or furnishings used in or are necessary for a particular activity; used in the struggle or contest of two (2) or more feathered or furred animals.

Fines shall mean a sum of money imposed as a penalty for an offense.

Fowl shall include all birds; chickens, turkeys, pheasants, quail, guineas, geese, ducks, peafowl, and other domesticated feathered creatures and non-domestic feathered creatures both male and female.

Governmental Entity shall mean an agency or political subdivision of the state or an agency or department of the local or federal government.

Harass shall mean disturbing, pestering or bothering repeatedly.

Harbor shall mean to feed, provide shelter or otherwise maintain an animal for three (3) or more days.

Hoofed shall mean a horn like covering encasing and protecting the ends of the foot in certain animals.

Impoundment shall mean to confine, seize or collect by legal right.

Insurance shall mean coverage by contract in which one party agrees to indemnify or reimburse another for loss that occurs under the terms of the contract; the state of having protection from loss.

Leash shall mean to bind together by or as if by a rope, strap or chain to walk or control an animal.

Limit shall mean the maximum total or number.

Livestock shall mean, regardless of age, sex or breed, horses and all equine species; mules, donkeys, jackasses, cows, bovine species, sheep, all ovine species, llamas, goats, all caprine species, pigs and all swine species.

Muzzle shall mean a guard or strap fitted over the animals jaws and nose to prevent biting or eating.

Neglect shall mean to fail to give due care, attention or time to; ignore or disregard.

Neutered shall mean any animal, male or female, rendered incapable of breeding or being bred; castration of the male or spaying of the female.

Nuisance shall mean something unauthorized that is obnoxious, annoying, bothersome or injurious to the community or to an individual in relation to him or herself and or ownership or occupation of property.

Owner shall mean any person who has purchased or who owns, keeps maintains, harbors or cares for, has custody or control of one (1) or more animals.

Pens or Coops shall mean an enclosure used for confinement or safekeeping of which animals are kept.

Premises shall mean a definite portion of real property, real estate or land, together with any appurtenance or buildings.

Poison shall mean a substance having an inherent harmful property which renders it, when taken into the living body system, capable of destroying animal life.

Potentially Dangerous shall mean shall mean unrealized ability or capacity to cause danger.

Redemption shall mean to recover by payment or other satisfaction.

Relocation shall mean to move to a different location.

Removal shall mean the forced displacement from one location to another.

Residence shall mean any place of human habitation at any time, day or night, including not limited to, any single or multifamily dwelling, church, school, convalescent center or nursing home.

Restitution shall mean the act of giving back something that has been lost or stolen.

Restrained shall mean any animal secured by a leach or some sort of confinement within the property limits of its owner.

Sanitary shall mean pertaining to health or the conditions affecting health, especially with reference to cleanliness, precautions against disease, etc.

Signs shall mean to communicate by means of conventional or arbitrary mark, figure, or symbol giving direction, warning or advertisement and is posted for public view.

Slaughtering shall mean the killing or butchering of cattle, sheep, etc. for food.

Spay shall mean to remove the ovaries and or uterus from a female animal.

State of Pain or Suffering shall mean the pain, misery or loss experienced; the state or an instance of enduring pain, etc.

Tag shall mean a permanent identifying devise attached to a collar or to the animal.

Tampering shall mean to engage in underhand or corrupt dealings; interfere; meddle; alter; damage; or misuse.

Tethered shall mean to fasten or confine with a rope, strap or chain to a fixed object.

Trapping shall mean any device used for catching game or other animals, as a mechanical device that springs shut suddenly.

Vaccination shall mean an injection of a rabies vaccine which is approved by the USDA, Veterinary Biologic Division, State veterinarian and administered by a licensed veterinarian or at an approved anti-rabies clinic.

Veterinarian shall mean any person duly licensed to practice veterinary medicine by the State Board of Veterinary Examiners, or who is exempt from such licensing.